Just-A-Mere Organic Farm is nestled in the middle of the beautiful Creston Valley, British Columbia. Family-owned, our farm offers some of the best quality organic cherries in Canada. We have 14 acres of land currently producing cherries, apples, blueberries, plums, peaches, asparagus and walnuts, plus a two acre vegetable garden. The farm has a natural pond which allows access to excellent bio-dynamic pest control systems for the orchard blocks. In the summer and fall we operate a juice press and bottle our award-winning organic fruit juice blends for wholesale customers.

Just A Mere Organic Farm

Danny and Miranda Turner
Kootenay River Organics Ltd.
2916 Erickson Road
Creston, BC V0B1G1
250 402 8557

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Who We Are

Just-A-Mere Organic Farm is owned and operated by Danny and Miranda Turner.   Since 2011, we have been growing food under the principles of family farms, the value of organic certification, fair prices for farmers, healthy soil, sustainable food systems, and supporting local economics. Each year we welcome a diverse team of fruit pickers, sorters and labourers to help us bring some of the best organic fruit in Canada to our customers.

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What We Grow


Organic JonaGold Apples

We have over 2,000 apple trees, a mix of JonaGold, Honeycrisp, Pacific Gala, Pink Cripps, Ambrosia, Spartan and McIntosh, harvested in September and October. We operate our own fruit packing house on the farm and bag our fresh apples each year into 3lb bags for sale in grocery stores across Western Canada.  


Organic Sweetheart Cherries

We sell three varieties of organic cherries, available in July and August:  Rainier (blush), Skeena (red) and Sweethearts (red).   Our cherries are as large as toonies.

Rainier cherries are candy sweet and delicate with a yellow colour and red blush. We have an entire block of Rainier cherry trees on our farm. Rainier cherries are highly sought after and considered a premium blush cherry to consumers.

Skeena cherries are a dark red to almost black variety with a lovely dense, firm texture and a well-balanced sweet-sharp flavour.  We have a large block of Skeena cherry trees, ranging in age from 15 to 40 years old, some of the oldest on the farm.

Sweetheart cherries are a bright red, heart-shaped cherry with a mild, sweet flavour and firm texture. We have a small block of Sweetheart cherry trees on our farm, the last of our three varieties to mature after the August long weekend each year.

Organic Rainier Cherries
Organic Skeena and Rainier Cherries


We have several thousand organic blueberry bushes.   Available from early July to late September, we sell two varieties of Blueberries:  Duke and Elliot.   Both large and tangy-sweet varieties, the two blueberries have slightly different delicious flavours.

Blueberries in the Summer


Come visit us in May/June, for organic Asparagus.

Fresh Picked Asparagus


Organic Long-Pie Pumpkin

In Autumn, we sometimes have Pumpkin and Squash available, including organic Long-Pie Pumpkin.  This heirloom variety, the original pie pumpkin, was nearly lost but for the efforts of a determined seed saver. With smooth, flavourful flesh, almost string-less with few seeds, this pumpkin looks like a large, orange zucchini and is perfect for pie.

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Certified Organic

Just-A-Mere Organic Farm uses organic methods, principles and substances, including an integrated pest management plan, to ensure that we produce the highest quality produce grown in the most sustainable way possible.

We are certified organic by the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society (PACS) following the Canadian Organic Standard.   We proudly maintain and value our certification.

Healthy soil means healthier food, healthier farm workers and a healthier environment for all.

Winter Farming
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Our Products

Our farm picks, packs and processes all its own fruits into grocery store packaging and pressed juices in glass bottles and bag in a box formats. Please get in touch if you would like to learn how to become a wholesale customer.

Organic Cherries in Grab Bag with PLU
8/1kg Grab Bag or 9kg Bulk

Organic Apples 3lb with UPC
12/3# Case

Organic Blueberries Bulk 5# with UPC
24 cases per layer

Bulk Long Pie/Nantucket Pumpkin 35#
12 cases per layer, or 600# Bin

Bottled Juices – 100% juice with no added sugars or preservatives. Shelf Stable.
1/2 Gallon 6 per case, Full Gallon 4 per case